Square to Round Table



A customer dropped off a table base for which she wanted a round to square top made.  This was a very fun and challenging project.  We have made many round tables and many square tables, but never a round to square.  The customer requested the table be 42” when square and 60” when round. 

The round to square table hardware was from www.kpetersen.com/dropleaftablehardware.htm which we highly recommend.  It was very easy to install and was very secure.  You line up the hinges with leaf and table.  Make sure when the leaf is folded it is flush with the table.  then the bar is put in the middle of the leaf at the edge of the table and finally the wedge is screwed into the leaf so the bar is resting on the first screw.

The base was then installed and the table was complete.  For a full video description please check out our YouTube video at https://youtu.be/HPDBy8-3rJs