round to square table

A customer dropped off a table base for which she wanted a round to square top made.  This was a very fun and challenging project.  I have made many round tables and many square tables, but never a round to square.  The customer requested the table be 42” when square and 60” when round. 

First I milled the red oak stock to make a large enough panel.  I selected a center point and drew an approximate 60” circle using a shop-made jig.  I then used the same center point to measure 21” each way and made a rough 42 inch square.  I marked out for the tenons making sure that none were close to the circle and square so when cut the tenons would not show. 

I glued up the panel and let dry for 24 hours.  I scraped off the excess glue on both sides and sanded the back.  I left the top so as to nor remove the marks where the tenons are.  I then used a shop made circle cutting jig for the router and the previous center mark (which I checked was still center) to cut a perfect 60” circle.  I then drew an accurate 42” square and cut out the leaves making sure to mark each leaf and side to keep them together for grain matching . I filled all the knots and imperfections with epoxy and let cure overnight.  The next day I sanded the top and bottom to 220grit. 

I then routed out a 12” circle ¾” deep for the lazy susan that will be flush with the top. Then comes the finishing process.  Everything got a coat of sanding sealer followed by a coat of stain.  Once the stain was dry it was lightly sanded with 320 grit and a water based finish was sprayed.  The underside received 3 coats and the top received six with a sanding of 320 grit in between each coat except for the last coat which received a 800 grit sanding.  The finish was allowed to cure and then it was time to install the hardware.  

The round to square table hardware was from which I highly recommend.  It was very easy to install and was very secure.  You line up the hinges with leaf and table.  Make sure when the leaf is folded it is flush with the table.  then the bar is put in the middle of the leaf at the edge of the table and finally the wedge is screwed into the leaf so the bar is resting on the first screw.

The base was then installed and the table was complete.  For a full video discription please check out our youtube video at